Replica watches-Exquisite appearance, improve the quality of the fake watch

I believe that the vast majority of people will think that Longines L2.755.4.78.6 mirror glass, like the @6 point single calendar table is not coated. However, the younger brother found that the glass of L2.755.4.78.6 is different from other famous master watches. His mirror glass is coated with a very shallow and light blue light like the moon and the moon.

In the pointer, the younger brother roughly saw the needle type of the hour, minute and second hands is the same as the genuine Longines L2.628.4.78.6 (6-bit 92 machine Longines), but the details are definitely different, because this In the end, the replica watches Longines used the 2836 machine. The pointers of the two movements are not universal. As for the color and details, it is necessary to determine the relevant disassembly. Here, the younger brother will give everyone a high-definition picture on Po to let everyone see it first. We can see that the literal printing of the authentic Longines is not the same as the high-end Longines on the market. It adopts the method of hooking + filling, but adopts direct printing, which is also very clear in the processing of printing details.

As a watch with a 5-digit ETA 2836 movement, the calendar is actually not done. I don't know if it is a case or a whole batch. The younger brother also wants to have the same version of the friend to verify it, but after all, it is manually installed. Does not affect reading. It is still acceptable to look at the discounts on online shopping.

This fake watch is based on two different strap mounting methods than L2.628.4.78.6 (6-bit 92-machine Longines). However, the locking between the strap and the strap is exactly the same, which I will mention again in the later comparison of details.

I found that the most worrying issue for the table friends was whether they were slaughtered. Some big cows in the evening also often said that the high imitation table was serious, and so on. Leading many friends who like watches, do not want to try high imitation table, since it is to buy things, of course, to shop around, we compare the price of genuine swiss replica watches, of course, this price must also be the same heavyweight platform.