Replica Watches store - Authenticly corrected the buckle color

I believe that if you pay attention to the authentic fake rolex friends for a long time, or if you have purchased the genuine Rolex Sub or Sea series watch after March 2019, you should have discovered the two series of genuine Rolex in Basel 2018. After the watch exhibition, the corresponding improvements were made in the details. The most obvious modification was the buckle: the original replica Rolex pattern in the buckle was changed from sandblasting + black oiling to polishing. This is the most obvious appearance improvement.

In July 2016, the model-opener in the high-profile world also re-launched a new generation of high-profile replica watches Rolex Sub&Sea series, although in February 2016, there was already an upgraded version of the 2016 version for the 2015 version, but Upgraded part.

In addition to correcting the buckle color as well as the original, what corrections have been made? What improvements have you made to this new high imitation Rolex submersible, high imitation Rolex submariner, compared to the high imitation submarines produced in February 2016? I won't say it first, everyone will read the previous photos first.