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After several generations of improvements, the telescopic diver's buckle has been completely copied by the high imitation table, and the telescopic locking of each section is completely consistent with the original. In appearance, the inside of the telescopic buckle is also sandblasted. This is the closest to the authentic diver buckle. Each section can be completely locked. It will not be locked in fake watches the middle part like other versions. Will sneak out. At the same time, in the back part of the buckle, the same polishing treatment as the original is also done, thereby reducing the burrs. On the inside of the joint of the lugs, the strap number is also consistent with the genuine one.

Finally, Po on a night light map. End this article, I believe that after reading this article, you have a better understanding of the newly launched high imitation Rolex submariner in July 2016, this watch will not make the original 2016 style high imitation watches The Rolex submariner depreciated, just for a friend who has not yet purchased a high imitation Rolex, and another reason.

Because there is no dealer's time stamp on the insurance card, and the handwritten sales time, similar to this situation, in general, the official can query the factory time of this watch according to the number of the Swiss replica watches. The warranty is calculated based on the factory time and the laws and regulations of the country of purchase. Less nonsense, first check the body.