Fake watches-Imitated the original Rolex packaging method

1: Luminous point: The inner part of the metal part is made the same as the original.

2: Outer ring scale: The scale of the outer ring scale is adjusted to be exactly the same as the original. The hook angle and thickness of each number are completely completed by authenticity.

3: Pointer head: The triangle area of ​​the head of the pointer and the fake watches triangle area coated with luminous light, the ratio and size, are consistent with the original. The above is the upgrade part of the header part for the initial version of 2016.

Brand new custom ear

Does anyone say that the previous version of the ear is not made? Of course, only every time the strap supply manufacturer needs to re-but the shell factory, if the docking is not good, the strap can not match the corresponding shell, it is definitely a huge accident, so each Once docking, it is necessary to re-study the raw ears, which is the same thickness as the genuine 2mm. Why? The raw ear is an important accessory that determines whether there is a big gap between the strap and the case. In actual operation, we find that the customer cares very much about such a problem.

In terms of straps, the previous generation of high-profile Rolex submariners series has begun to try new strap suppliers, which are no longer packaged with ordinary bag film, but with a disposable adhesive-bonded plastic paper gold replica watches. Because of some details, this time I replaced a better strap supplier. This time, not only the plastic paper was used on the packaging, but also the original Rolex packaging method was copied, so that when the customer received the goods, Authentic texture. Instead of receiving a shipment, there will be a full sense of fake goods.