Buy siwiss replica watches uk-And the original looks no different

It seems that there is no difference between the 2016 version and the original version. Well, let's compare it.

This is believed to be one of the most concerned issues for the 2016 high imitation submarines. How much has it been upgraded? In fact, if the younger brother wants to describe this upgrade in one sentence, then what the younger brother wants to say is that this upgrade is a microscope-level upgrade. If you only look at Figure 1 + Figure 2 taken by your younger brother, you can replica watches hardly find any different places. Even in the close-up night pearl lens in Figure 2, you can hardly see why.

The picture below shows the night pearl part of the 2016 version of the high imitation Rolex submersible 116610LV, photo under the electron microscope 70 times magnification

In the previous generation, most of the appearance problems have been fixed. Both the outer ring color and the literal color are very close to the original, and the shell shape and the mirror surface have already been broken in the 2013 version. Therefore, the subsequent amendments have been revised around small details since 2015. For example, in 2015, the first time in the outer ring, imitation platinum filling, in 2016, the use of anti-oxidation metal filling materials, replace the better strap manufacturers and many more fake watches. So in this latest version of July 2016, the upgrade of the version has risen to the microscope to find the difference.